2142 stats not updating

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and you also contacted novgames to allow their servers too.So, it's great that you re doing a real revive bf 2142 now. there s one thing if you re going to do this you would get all the players.mdawg said that the two teams before failed to revive bf 2142 and so you can do a revive like revive bf 2 now .It's rly cool that the revive bf 2 team with mdawg and spcencer is doing revive bf 2142 now .mdawg, did you and the revive bf 2 team consider to bring back the bf 2142 stats and accounts . and you want to have a revive launcher for both bf2 and bf 2142 with one account.so can you decide which game you install or do you have to install both.If you rly want to revive bf 2142 and get back players you have to bring back the bf 2142 accounts and stats, like revive bf2.If you bring back bf 2142 accounts and stats you would get all the players and you could get some news on gaming sites too.

It doesn't help anyone to post on a 1 year old thread.

Most bf 2142 players want to play with their bf 2142 account and their stats, unlocks, rank, medals and stats tracked like it was before they shut down gamespy.

They want to have the same experience when they play bf, so they want a server tool that replaces gamespy servers, like revive bf2 . You did it for revive bf2 and bf2hub did it, so you could do it for revive bf 2142 too.

I could post a thread with some suggestions for revive bf 2142 here. that could help you to get more players for revive bf 2142 too. Sadly there's no way for us to fetch old 2142 accounts, the database that hosted 2142 statistics isn't up anymore.

and maybe, you could take some mins to reply to that post and tell what you say about that. A combined launcher is planned, but for now the separate ones help us rapidly test and develop for 2142. M but how did you bring the stats back for bf 2 then?

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