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Now we’ve gone to the other extreme, having sex in the hope that it will turn into a relationship.” Plus, she says, we’re more comfortable talking about sex than feelings, since sex is the accepted method of intimacy.

“Bringing emotions into the picture feels like a risk we’re not ready or willing to take.” It seems ironic that sleeping with someone is less risky than admitting we actually that person, but that’s the experience for a lot of millennials.

So having oral sex can make this skin vulnerable to infection.

Oral sex refers to using the mouth to stimulate the penis (fellatio), the vagina (cunnilingus), or the anus (anilingus).

Receiving oral sex from a partner with oral herpes can cause genital herpes. The best way to protect yourself from herpes is to use a barrier between mouth and genitals/rectum.

“Does this mean you’re not sleeping with other people? He said yes, and we confirmed that we were now exclusive—physically and emotionally.

Anne says she worried that if she told the guy she was dating she wanted a relationship, he wouldn’t reciprocate, and things would end.

“We’re afraid of getting hurt by someone who is always looking over their shoulder or swiping right for the next hot thing,” says Morse.

Serious or casual, condom or no condom—don’t let sex (and its logistics) be the benchmark for where you stand with someone you’re dating.

STIs are bacteria or viruses that rely on a certain kind of skin, known as a mucous membrane.

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