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I made a very stupid mistake when I first started internet dating. It was a really stupid thing to do, so now I’m much more careful.

I’d seen David’s profile online and we’d exchanged a few emails. When you’ve come out of a long-term relationship, your confidence can hit rock bottom. I was so out of practice, but we had a great time and it boosted my confidence.

Nearly everyone I mentioned my impending trip to was intrigued, impressed, or excited — except my mother.

I was actually surprised by this; I assumed, in her thirst for knowledge about my love life, that she would be thrilled at the opportunity to get both pictures and an entire written report about a date I went on.

He sounded perfectly pleasant so we met up for a date in Manchester. For 17 years my sex life wasn’t up to much, so it was nerve-racking when I first got into bed with someone else. The first man I slept with after my husband was someone I met through a tennis club. I knew I didn’t want a long-term relationship with him — he wasn’t my type — but I did find him attractive, so we booked a proper date. Everyone who posts their picture online will have used one from at least ten or 15 years ago. I’ve turned up to several dates where I’ve walked into a restaurant, seen the man I’m supposed to be meeting, but he looks more like his father.

First dates can be awkward, but what if they lasted longer than just a cocktail or dinner?But when I told her on the phone, she seemed worried.After giving her all the details — including the fact that we would have separate rooms — she got quiet and then asked, 'Carly… 'No, thank you, mother, I did not, much as it would have made a great headline to write 'I flew to Mexico to go on a blind date and my mother tagged along to make sure I didn't get murdered.'Luckily, she seemed to be the only one with this view, and even my grandma thought it sounded great — particularly when I told her the guy I picked was a Jewish doctor from Westchester, the gold standard as far as Jewish grandmothers are concerned.They were beautiful, but I was especially glad we weren't sharing when I spotted the shower — which had no door and opened right into the room.I know some girls might be happy to put on a bath time burlesque on a first date, but I guess I'm just old-fashioned. After laying out by the pool for a bit, we each went to our rooms for a 'quick' nap, only to discover at nine the next morning that we'd both slept through the night.

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