Gackt dating

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Every year GACKT pays an additional tax of 120,000,000 yen to avoid these types of investigations, and therefore as expected, he is extremely shocked about the inspection”.

While collecting information about GACKT’s financial flow, we’ve also come to understand the flow of money being used for his overseas lover.

The girl [that GACKT was involved with from the TBS show] was pregnant, but if it was exposed to the fans that GACKT was a man with a wife and kids, it would ruin his image, and worrying about the girl, it was decided that she would be taken care of with a life overseas, and that GACKT would not acknowledge the child.

The woman and child are currently living together in Vancouver, and are living in an apartment that costs a “trivial” 400,000 yen a month in rent.

Sandra Bullock, Meg Ryan, John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage Mini Boi (courtesy of Cool Like Plastic So, you were surfing the web.

Braveheart, Primal Fear, The Game, City of Angels, Soldier, Scent of a Woman actor/actress? "What a stupid name." you thought to yourself, and, with nothing else to do, you click on it. (We haven't caught him exclaiming "Ore sama no bigi ni yoi na~" yet.) The most common way people who stalk follow Gackt online is 'a dork'.

From October, GACKT was scheduled to appear as a regular guest on Kitagawa Keiko’s Nippon TV drama, “Akumachan”, but we are now waiting to see what kind of influence the scandal will have.

According to another article on, GACKT’s comment about the scandal has been, “It’s my private life, and therefore I’m not able to reply”.

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He’s also made the mistake of mentioning ramen restaurants, and resorts that he has personally been involved in, but where the investment money came from seems to be a mystery”.After leaving Malice Mizer, Gackt embarked upon a very successful solo career.He has written stories, starred in movies (most notably the film Moonchild, in which he acted alongside Hyde of L'arc~en~Ciel fame.), designed clothing, done work on a video game (Bujingai), and opening a restaurant.Another friend said, “About ten years ago, he was in a relationship with an assistant girl who worked on the TBS-kei show, “Wonderful”, but when knowledge of her pregnancy came into light, he demanded that she “leave Japan”, and that he “did not acknowledge the child”.Instead, he has taken care of them by setting both the girlfriend and child up in a high class condominium in Canada”.

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