Lava mexican dating

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Video above: Example of lava flow burning organic material.What is burnt forms charcoal which can be trapped and preserved by subsequent lava flows. Located in the southwestern part of Mexico City, Xitle is a volcano, having only erupted during one period, between 245-315 AD.What was the most important find was charcoal samples found under the layer of lava.

What resulted from the clash of these two cultures is one of the strangest overlaps of cultural and religious symbolism in Mexico, if not the New World.Figure (right): The National University of Mexico, built on the Xitle lava flow (Photo by Lee Siebert, 1998).It is sad to report that much of the Cuicuilco pyramid has been destroyed, as urbanisation in the area has bloomed and flourished across the region as Mexico City has grown.Figure above: One of the locations of lava flow and civilisation contact.The overlying lava flow was detonated with explosives in certain areas to generate access to the buried remains of Cuicuilco.

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