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Politically USA has no chance, there is no opportunity to take advantage of a win. (NT) -- If I am right - I am a genius....., 11/16/17 Thu I have to agree that Venezuela is one hot train wreck to watch. Both seemed to have gotten some random memo that IMG is looking for a fake-energied, screaming hyena.

Between Latin and Asian countries I think the Western World has an advantage. Both are like caricatures of OTT glambots and neither is facially all that.

(NT) -- BOA, 11/16/17 Thu I'm so glad Katerina Rozmajl (Fulton) is back! With that said, IMG would probably hate her, unless if she was born motherless, fatherless & survived the Holocaust. (NT) -- Groove, 11/10/17 Fri Katerina, step away from the botox darlin. (NT) -- Bless her heart, 11/11/17 Sat I dont think this headshot reads "botox." I just see a very pretty girl who's photo is wayyyy too airbrushed.

If she toned down the makeup a bit, and went for a more natural appearance, I have a feeling she would be gorgeous. (NT) -- pageant pearl, 08/24/17 Thu You've got that right, it's Venezuela!

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Miss USA State Pageant Dates for 2018 State Titles Nov 17-18, 2017 Miss/Teen Arizona USA Miss/Teen Georgia USA Miss/Teen South Carolina USA Nov 18-19, 2017 Miss/Teen Miss Massachusetts USA Nov 19, 2017 Miss/Teen Hawaii USA Nov 25-26, 2017 Miss/Teen Delaware USA Miss/Teen Kansas USA Miss/Teen Maine USA Miss/Teen Minnesota USA Miss Texas Teen USA Dec 2-3, 2017 Miss/Teen California USA Miss/Teen Pennsylvania USA Dec 14-17, 2017 Miss/Teen Florida USA Dec 16, 2017 Miss/Teen District of Columbia USA Dec 16-17, 2017 Miss/Teen Oklahoma USA Jan 5-6, 2018 Miss/Teen Connecticut USA Miss Texas USA Miss/Teen Utah USA Jan 6-7, 2018 Miss/Teen Nebraska USA Miss/Teen Nevada USA Jan 13-14, 2018 Miss/Teen New York USA Jan 26-28, 2018 Miss/Teen New Mexico USA TO BE VERIFIED Kentucky USA Winner: South Africa 1RU: Colombia 2RU: Indonesia 3RU: USA 4RU: Canada Top 10: Venezuela, Philippines, Peru, Mexico, France.

Top 15: Spain, Iceland, Germany, Ecuador, & Australia.

Iceland is on the verge for me, she has a lot of supporters. (NT) -- :), 11/16/17 Thu Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, South Africa, France, Russia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Peru.

I have really liked Canada in particular these last few days. Venezuela Philippines Mexico Australia and Brazil are only bands of weight and tradition in the contest, If it's for beauty, they should not make the cut this year, Germany, Curacao, Croatia, Korea, Israel, France, Peru, Canada, Iceland, Poland, Georgia (beautiful different top model) Real beauties. If this were Miss Barbie Doll USA pageant that may work but not in this pageant darlin!

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