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After the San Antonio Express-News asked the site about how it deals with members who are violent felons, Fortune's profile was removed.

Despite the fact that many online dating sites don't perform background checks, users feel a certain comfort level that they won't run into sexual offenders or other criminals because they have paid for the service.

Remember Darren Mack, the Reno based millionaire who murdered his wife Charla, (then attempted to murder his divorce judge, Chuck Weller)? So far, “A more deliberate, cold-blooded murder of an inoffensive child ...

Mack beat feete to Mexico and wrote on and Yahoo personals that he was a fun guy looking for a woman with "a respectful attitude." . would be hard to imagine,” a federal appeals court judge wrote in 1980.

March 13, 2013 Del Mar, CA Sean Kelly of Christian back in jail after more sex crime victims contact police. Paprskar thought he had been sold “bad heroin,” the judge wrote.

Paprskar was sentenced to die in the electric chair for the child's murder, but the sentence later was reversed because items seized during a warrantless search hadn't been suppressed.

But, he said, it is a "good idea from a business standpoint." Still, Walters wondered, where do you draw the line?

What about someone who murdered at 20, served a 25-year sentence, and has not committed any other crimes since his release?

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But as bad as Fortune/Paprskar is, please also consider another guy. They've been sued several times, but their chi-chi office remains located in an upscale area of the county.

Tulsa World reports arrest of fugitive Joshua Schneider in murder of beloved professor, Tiffany Rene Maher.

Women fail to realize dating sites are large, corporate ventures, catering to profits.

That authenticity is what makes good and safer dates," said Steve Odom, founder of Gelato, an online dating service in Texas that launched in September.

"I'm surprised that no one had built it before me because it makes total sense." Gelato is a service that lets users create their profiles based on information from services like Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and

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