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Wagner agreed that was true, and she has urged the Justice Department to bring cases.

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29, 2013 as the United States braces for a partial government shutdown Tuesday after the White House and congressional Democrats declared they would reject a bill approved by the Republican-led House to delay implementing President Barack Obama's health care reform. Ann Wagner, R Mo., joins other Republican House Members as they call on Senate Democrats to "come back to work" on the Senate Steps of the U. Her defenders say there is an urgent need to stop what one termed modern-day slavery, and that her bill is carefully written to protect "good actors" on the internet."This is a battle between good and evil," Wagner said Tuesday, right after shepherding a young woman, a victim of sex trafficking, into a private meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan.They also have a series of disturbing quotes from one of the alleged conversations, which are listed as followed: “13?Good”, “Love ghetto girls U are so real and so cool” and ‘Want to do anything to your hot body.”Sondheimer was placed on administrative leave June 3, immediately after the university learned of allegations that he had engaged in inappropriate conduct.Wagner said prosecutors know that there is no case law supporting further prosecutions under current 230 interpretations."We know how to fight crime in this country," Wagner said in an interview, arguing that "federal law is not enough and certainly courts have said (that Congress must) reconcile the fundamental tension between Section 230" and prosecution of online sex trafficking.

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