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By focusing on current behavior (using the 2010–2011 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey), we hope to identify existing needs for sexual and reproductive health education and services and present recommendations on how to meet them.

We also include data from the country’s two earlier surveys, conducted in 19–2006, to highlight notable trends over time.* Because adolescents’ health can vary widely by area of residence and socioeconomic status, where possible we examine the data by these characteristics.

Katswe Sistahood highlighted that despite many solidarity messages there has been no tangible support for the girls.

Many obstacles prevent young Zimbabweans from acting on their desire to postpone parenthood and stay HIV-free.

• Single, sexually active adolescents have by far the greatest unmet need—62% as of 2011, compared with 19% among their married counterparts.

Females now first have sex nearly two years sooner than males.When talking to a girl - always keep a little secret. Online Dating Service Cherry gives you possibilities to find Zimbabwean girls from all over the Zimbabwe. Because I am not a moral police and will never be one. Rights group Katswe Sistahood made this video to highlight the plight of many young girls, particularly orphans who have been forced into prostitution to survive.

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