Updating offline disk cache updating joined tables

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In order to unpin the data from cache, the Flash Copy mapping must be prepared.Alternatively, the Flash Copy mapping could be deleted.It's important to have the right MIME type or the offline support will not work and you will be wasting bandwidth!Some servers assume it's a text file and use the MIME type text/plain, but that will not work either! If you're not sure how to set this up, ask your host or whoever runs your server."So, how do I do this? I was also wondering what was the utility of the auto generated offline.appcache file! Before reading this I didn't even know that HTML5 games could be played offline so easily!!!The node restarts which occur as part of the SVC code upgrade may temporarily remove the only node capable of servicing IO for the degraded component.

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If there is any pinned data in the SVC cache when a code upgrade is started, the following will occur: Prior to SVC V4.2.0 when an in-progress Flash Copy mapping is manually stopped before it is complete, the data on the target virtual disk will not be useable.

And here it gives me opportunity to set-up many variables not present in webgui - including the cache.

The following conditions may result in a loss of I/O access during an SVC code upgrade: Offline or degraded vdisks may prevent cache failover/failback during a code upgrade.

Whilst the Flash Copy mapping is in this state the target vdisk is held offline.

Any data which had been written to the target vdisk and not destaged before the Flash Copy was stopped will be pinned in the cache.

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